Just for fun

There’s been a lot of things stressing me out lately, and I don’t have energy to tell you all about it. Instead lets talk about a few things that are fun.

Several months ago, one of my oldest and best friends pointed me to the very fun and simple Guess My Word. You can play Joon’s word and Mike’s word daily. Thanks, Debgpi!

A friend recently published a game (for iOS, Android and Blackberry) called Swapagon. It’s free, try it out. I was a beta-tester for it! Swapagon is reviewed here.

For at least one day of spring break, we went and enjoyed one of Texas’ lovely state parks: Pedernales Falls. We went mountain biking and geocaching in the park. We didn’t swim this time, and I also didn’t slip and fall in one of the pools by the falls. (Guess what happened last time?)

On the way to Pedernales Falls, we stopped and had dinner with a friend who actually reads this blog. I am always surprised and honored to find that friends actually stop by and read what I write.

Today I had lunch with one of my former students. I am glad I have a few who like to keep up with me! I enjoy her joie de vivre, and I am very proud of what she’s accomplished.