Classes really do have personalities. My morning class has its act together. They are hard at work; they get things done. On the most part, they do them well. The afternoon class struggles. Same material, same day, it always takes longer in the afternoon. If work is undone on assignments, it’s the afternoon class with several members who didn’t get it done. If a group is not paying attention, it’s the afternoon class. If part of the class seems lost on the topic, it’s the afternoon class. I am trying not to be down on that class, but it’s the afternoon class.

I try to use the morning class to keep my spirits up. In the afternoon, spirits up, I just keep trying. There are several students in that class that I really like and who are doing very well. Keep those students moving forward. Help the others as much as I can. Try not to worry about it. When lower grades are earned, they will be recorded. That’s only fair.

I wish I knew what I could change. I am smart enough to recognize that maybe there is nothing I can do to change the class. Each individual person decides what to put in or not; I don’t get to make that choice for them. I still wish there was something I could do to make everyone happy and productive.

Every day, every student, I interact with, I want to bring that student an “I am glad to see you.” Even when I am frustrated and tired. Even when I have to explain the same thing again. It’s hard. I hope I am succeeding at bringing each student an “I am glad to see you,” even when it seems like the other lessons are not sinking in!