Finally, a weekend! I have a stack of rough drafts to read and grade. Grading is quick, up to 4 points and I grade only on how complete the draft is. I try to make a comment or two for everyone. We’ll see if I manage when I get further into the stack. I have 39 drafts and if I spend 15 minutes with each one, I am looking at nearly 10 hours of work. Time that I just don’t have. Energy that I just don’t have!

I managed to keep the epsilon > 0 philosophy of exercise going today by getting out for a bike ride. It wasn’t very long, and it wasn’t very fast, but it was better than nothing.

I also made it to the pharmacy today. I had old medications to throw away, and, rather than putting them in the landfill or water supply, I took them to the pharmacy and their disposal program. Well, turns out if it is a controlled substance the pharmacy won’t take it. Something else got rejected too. So what am I supposed to do with them? Put them in cat litter or coffee grounds. Okay. Unfortunately, I don’t have a cat, and we don’t drink much coffee. I’ll figure something out. So much for environmentally-friendly disposal. Most were accepted, and at least I tried?