Say something nice

I ran the experiment today. I was rather pleased with the results. Students had no problems coming up with questions at the end of each talk, nor with praise for their classmates.

Here’s an example note. This one accidentally got left behind in the morning class. The student presenting was talking about a mathematical model for tumor growth and immune response.


This student got rattled by time running out for her presentation. Too many interesting things to say, and not enough time. It was still good job, and I am glad to know the classmates agreed.

In my afternoon class, I have two young ladies, neither of whom can make it to the final final presentation period for class, when we will finish presentations and have pizza. I asked them out to lunch next Monday. Both have been through their share of personal and academic troubles, but both have rallied and done well this semester. I want to tell them that I am proud of them.

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