I had the idea for this site since the early days of the web and blogging, but somehow I didn’t have the motivation to get started. Eventually I found it.

The idea of a Jinx came about while I was pursuing my Ph.D. in mathematics. It was really an advanced degree in heartbreak. I imagined myself as a magical creature called a Jinx that has the power to turn bad luck into good luck. Unfortunately, this magic is very tempermental: it doesn’t always work! I finally finished the degree (a while ago now), so that makes me “Dr. Jinx.”

After the degree, I worked in private industry. Eventually I got burned out on that, quit, and through some happenstance, ended up part-time at a university. Eventually I became a full time lecturer (full time teacher, non-tenure track faculty). I love teaching. I think I am very good at it. I spend a lot of time thinking about my teaching and how to make it better.

Lecturers are largely second class citizens in the university world. I don’t always love that aspect of my job.

If I do have one magical power in this world, it is the power of making friends. I seem to make friends wherever I go, and my friends are the most interesting and kind people I can imagine.

I like to ride my bike in my spare time; I also enjoy reading,
running, writing, and geocaching. For more information on bicycling
check out
Adventure Cycling
League of American Bicyclists
For Geocaching, check out

You can contact me by email at drjinx … at … drjinx.com.