I got to be two people today, as I was substituting from my significant other, who is travelling. I visited with two graduate students who are worried about finding jobs. I spent some time with one of my students working on the project, which was due yesterday, but this student actually has an extension until today. I put papers together for my TAs. I went to the Mathematical Biology Class. I emailed a few students who didn’t have extensions and who didn’t hand in project reports; one had an “ooops!!!!!” moment and was grateful, at least. I visited briefly with a colleague with a question about grading a problem I’d put on an exam last semester. And that was it. That was all I got done today.

Unfortunately, none of my grading and none of the REU applications I needed to work on got worked on, but I guess that’s what weekends are for.

I had lunch with a friend today, always a good thing.