Peer Review Review

First class: a few hiccups with students getting papers printed at the last minute. Not a huge surprise for a 9:35 am class. I think they mostly had it pulled together by 9:40 am. Things went well from there; I overheard some good conversations about organizational structure and how to use examples.

Second class: Quite a few students unprepared with papers not printed, at least one showed up 1/2 an hour late. I didn’t hear the same quality of conversation; I got the feeling this class was more deer-in-the-headlights. I was getting frustrated with the lack of preparation. C’mon guys, we knew what was up for today.

What little I got to look over the papers, the second class’s stuff seemed weaker than the first.

After that, I had more than 10 customers in office hours, most needing tech support with something. Nothing to do but queue them up and go through it one by one. I felt like giving a big scold on starting sooner. I did scold a bit.

I ended the day exhausted, and tomorrow is back-to-back-to-back things to do. I need some time to grade and work. It ain’t gonna happen. Hopefully the weekend will save me. I’ll be frustrated, though, to spend another weekend at work.