New Year New You

Several things I am working on:
1) Get back in some kind of an exercise grove. Lately, I’ve been having a whole lot of “don’t wanna.” And you know what? I don’t wanna. But I should.
2) Get to writing here and elsewhere regularly. It is good for me. Maybe a few people even read this.
3) Declutter, get rid of things, clean, simplify my life.

None things has to be fantastic, awesome, stupendous. Honestly, life would be better if they just got done. Period. Anything is better than nothing.

So. Anything is better than nothing.

I went for a walk today for about 15 minutes. Yesterday, I got out for a bike ride despite some inclement weather. Not a monster long ride (what I *think* I should be doing), but something.

I am writing right now. Maybe again soon?

I cleaned up one corner of the garage today, and threw some stuff away. We took the recycling in to the recycling center. The kitchen got scrubbed. Two loads of laundry got cleaned. A bicycle got repaired.

Tomorrow I will ride my bike to work. I will post here about my thoughts going in to a new semester. Maybe I’ll even clean or declutter something. But don’t hold your breath on me being three for three. I’ll be excited for two out of three.